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Make a Play Once Only question in a Moodle quiz with Justin Hunt's PoodLL Repositories plugin

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I am using Moodle 2.7.2 for one of my quizzes. I also use Justin Hunt's excellent PoodLL repositories to make "Play (Listen) Once Only" recordings that I include inside my Moodle quiz.  

The repository has a play-once audio player that looks like this: 

If you ever wanted to make listening-type Moodle quiz questions, then read on!


Please note that the "play-once" is disabled only on the current page. So if the student reloads the page or something, then they can re-listen. So its good for test simulation, but not especially robust for actual tests.

With that important note out of the way, here's the series of steps I use to do this.

Step 0. Install the PoodLL Filter. The PoodLL filter enables audio and video recording in Moondle, and allows you to put widgets such as stopwatches and whiteboards into HTML areas. It is a pre-requisite plugin for the PoodLL Repository.

Step 1. Install the PoodLL Repositories plugin.
Step 2: Create a repository instance and click on settings (see below).

Step 3. Change the setting to AudioRecorder (MP3 Standalone) if you can't get it to work.

Step 4. Create a Multiple Choice Question as normal. Type in your instructions and question text, then click (create an insertion point - your cursor will flash on and off there) somewhere inside the question text, then click the "Media" icon (circled in yellow).

Step 5. When the Insert Media window pops up, click Browse Repositories.

Step 6. In the File Picker window, click the PoodLL_Repo_Instanc link on the left.

Step 7. When the Adobe Flash Player Settings pop-up window appears, click "Allow" and "Close". Do not click "Next >>" yet!!

Step 8.  For this step, make sure you have a headset plugged into the laptop. Or you might be able to make the recording without a headset - by using the laptop's inbuilt microphone. Make your recording: Click Record. Click Stop. Click Play (to check if it actually recorded!).  Your recording will go through a "converting" and "uploading" process (you will see an animated daisy-wheel spinner image during these two processes).

Then click the "Next >>>" button to continue.

Step 9. The File picker will now present you with a set of players. Do you see the Once Player?
Select the Once Player player!

Step 10. Click Select this file.

Step 11. Click Insert Media to insert the MP3 player link inside your quiz question.  

Step 12.  You will see the link to the MP3 file appear at the insert point of your Question Text.
Save your quiz question. You can either preview it or test it out inside the Quiz itself. Now assuming all went well, you should see something like this:
In the example above, I will click the player's start button.

As the audio plays, the text "Playing" will appear.
Once the audio reaches its end, you will see the word "Finished"....

...and lo and behold, the button is grayed out! The poor helpless student will not be able to re-listen to the recording. Why is the Instructor so cruel to only allow one listen? Woe betide any student if he or she was daydreaming about the latest smartphone, music idol, pokemon monster or whatever. Now he or she will have to leave the right answer to chance!
Hope this help heaps and heaps.
Frankie Kam 

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