Friday, October 10, 2014

Wall for Moodle 2.x has been enhanced with easier Youtube and TED video embeds

Photo by Troy Tolley

I had last blogged about the Moodle Wall here in 2013.  That was a long time ago. I recently decided to update the Wall for Moodle 2.x. So on a rainy day on 12th October 2014, I set out to make it a little bit better. Hope you like the changes that follow.

IMPORTANT WALL CODE UPDATE (As of 11th October 2014)
I have made more improvements to the Wall code. Please E-mail me at for the latest version of the Wall for Moodle2.x. The latest version, as of October 2014, contains some new enhancements, speed improvements,  better readme.txt instructions and caters for native Unicode UTF-8 postings so that you can post in non-English language.

It also has a much easier way to embed youtube videos in a message or a comment. For example,
you can type this in a message or a comment box:

Watch this video:
Great huh?

Or even like this, with just spaces seperating the pre-text, Youtube video link and post-text:

Watch this video: Great huh?

and the video with the preceding and succeeding text will appear, nicely formatted for you.

This makes it very easy to give pre and post-instructions to accompany your YouTube video embed.

Oh by the way, it also works with TED video talks now! But only for Messages and not in Comments, for now.

and vola, you will see this message post on the wall:

So like I said, if you want the latest version of this Wall, circa 11th October 2014, please Email me.

Frankie Kam,

P,S., you can demo the new wall here. Please feel free to embed some TED and/or Youtube videos. All I ask is that you be gentle. Thanks.

The link is:
Username: demo
Password: demo

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