Thursday, July 21, 2011

From South Korea with love (for Moodle) - OKMindMap

OKmindmap (OKMM) is a South Korean web-based mindmap service. This service is touted by its developers as the world's first pure Scalar Vector Graphics-based, no-Flash-plugin-required web technology.
 It is Freemind compatible, is Web 2.0 feature-rich and the good news is that it can be integrated with Moodle.

It's developers/researchers are Professor Ho Won (Division of Electrical Electronic, and Information Engineering,Kongu National University, Cheonan, Chungnam), Jinhoon Jang, Kiwon Park and Myungsun Hahm (JinoTech, Dyryongdong, Yusungku, Daejunsi, Republic of Korea).

They have co-written a research paper entitled "Development of Universal Purpose e-Portfolio Mindmap
System on Open Platform". For those of you who are academically inclined, you can download it here. The paper's principal development tool is OKMM. More papers can be found here. Professor Ho's Moodle module page compilations are found here.


Here are some of OKMM's impressive features:
  • uses pure Javascript technology - no need for Flash 
  • cloud technology - can run on most web browsers without any plugin installation. 
  • plays YouTube videos within a node itself (note: as of July 2011, only works with Google chrome and Apple Safari web browsers)
  • fetch data from Delicious, Twitter, and Face book (Social Networking integration)
  • can be used as a ePortfolio
  • has been tested with up to 40 concurrent users who collaboratively built a mindmap
  • can be Google Search enabled so that the user can do Web searches within the application while building the mindmap(!)
  • export to Freemind, HTML, TWiki, PPT, SVG, PNG
  • import from Freemind and bookmarks
  • conversion from a mindmap to a structure chart (and vice-versa)
  • MOODLE PLUGIN (MOD)! More on this later in this post.
  • export to HTML code - hence a mindmap can be embeded in a Moodle webpage or label!
  • best of all, it is FREE and UNLIMITED as far as I know. In contrast, a Web 2.0 mindmapping service like allows a limited number of mindmaps to be created for every free account.
Click here to see more screenshots of what can be done with OKMindmap.


There is a "Sign in" button located in the upper-righthand corner of the homepage. Click on it (see the diagram below).

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