Sunday, April 7, 2013

Richard Turere didn't take the problem lion down!

Today's post has got  almost nothing to do with Moodle. But it's got everything to do with innovation.


Lion kills Masai cow, Masai kills lion. Boy wants to save cows ...  ends up saving cows and lions. Richard, one day when you fly up there in the sky, you'll be able to spot the lions and their offspring that you've saved.

Now why can't Malaysian teenagers, instead of squandering their time on their smartphones, be more like Richard?  He tinkered and applied technology, and has ended up saving his nation's wildlife and lifestock.
What did I learn from this? Necessity is the mother of innovation! Kudos to 13-year old Richard Turere! What a genius.



When faced with a clear and present danger, he didn't take the situation 'lion' down. Pun intended. Just don't have me drawn and quoted.

Frankie Kam

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