Sunday, February 3, 2013

The best way to create Moodle quiz questions for Microsoft users. Period.

What do you use to create Moodle quiz questions? Moodle's built in quiz engine? If you're an expert user, you may be using Notepad (I kid you not!) and the GIFT format of quiz questions. Like so.

// true/false
::Q1:: 1+1=2 {T}

// multiple choice with specified feedback for right and wrong answers
::Q2:: What's between orange and green in the spectrum? 
{ =yellow # right; good! ~red # wrong, it's yellow ~blue # wrong, it's yellow }

// fill-in-the-blank
::Q3:: Two plus {=two =2} equals four.

// matching
::Q4:: Which animal eats which food? { =cat -> cat food =dog -> dog food }

In my humble opinion, the advantage of the GIFT format is that it allows the casual to expert user to quickly create quiz questions which are then imported into Moodle's quiz engine. It shouldn't take a teacher too long to get used to the text-based method and notation.

I have used the GIFT format in the past to create quiz questions. So, I am not knocking it when I say that the disadvantage, in my humble opinion, is novice users (teachers new to Moodle) may find it too cryptic and will want something closer to home. Another drawback is, how do you insert graphics and image files into a GIFT format file?

Creating quiz questions with Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010


I want to now share with you what, in my humble and honest opinion, is the best way for Moodle newbies and novice users, who use Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010, to create Moodle quiz questions. Here it is,  Daniel Scheidegger's Word Template version 20, which Lael Grant modified into version 21. Others from the Moodle community have also contributed code to it. This forum explains a bit.

My first smartphone - a Chinese Samsung S3-clone named Haipai.

bought this baby on January 23rd 2013 from Tommstar & U Sdn Bhd. The shop is located at Econsave in Angkasa Nuri Melaka. Lot 45, Jalan Angkasa Nuri, Taman Angkasa Nuri, 75350 Batu Berendam, Melaka. Person in charge is Kevin. 06-334 3688.

China branded Haipai I9377 Model

Specifications. 4.7" FWVGA screen, Dual-core 1Ghz, 8.0MP camera auto focus, dual cameras, 220 mAh battery, dual-SIM, smartphone, running on Android Jellybean version 4.1.1. The salesperson, Kevin, threw in a 8Gb SD-Card free of charge, plus a screenguard layer and a PVC cover. See here for more information.

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