Friday, September 16, 2016

Easily enroll multiple students on WordPress into your purchased Moodle course with the Edwiser Bridge-Bulk Purchase extension

Bulk Purchase. Credit: Alexas_Photos.
Welcome to my fifth and last post in a series of five posts featuring the Edwiser Bridge and its four extensions. Today I will focus on the Edwiser Bulk Purchase Extension, which is a commercial plugin. The best thing about this plugin is that you can now let your administrator or manager purchase more than one quantity of a Moodle course in a single transaction. If that's not good enough, the extension allows the Instructor or Manager to enroll himself and others to the purchased course!
Screen 1. The Edwiser Bulk
Purchase Extension icon.

So, in short, this extension allows instructors, parents, managers or corporate trainers to purchase a Moodle course on behalf of others, and then enroll them. This extension will save you effort and time. Please note this extension requires the WooCommerce Integration extension to be installed first.

Section 1. Overview

Screen 2. The Big Picture.
Where the Bulk Purchase Extension fits in the E-Commerce system.

How useful is this extension? VERY! Imagine that you are an Administrator who is given the responsibility of purchasing a Moodle course online. You have ten (10) students to enroll into the course that costs USD100 per person. Which would you prefer? To pay USD100 once for every student that you enroll - which means you have to repeat the online payment and enrollment process TEN times? Or to pay USD100 x 10 = USD1,000 once, and enter all ten students' account data, and then have all TEN students' Moodle account created automatically?

Obviously the latter as it saves you time and effort. With Edwiser's Bulk Purchase Extension, you can make a bulk online payment for a course for multiple students. and have those students login into Moodle and start off the course. With the extension this is an almost painless process and a breeze to use.

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