Friday, June 22, 2012

How to change the Maximum Upload Size for a Moodle site.

Here's a very old post (2007!) by Vystavil PK on how to change the maximum upload size for a Moodle site. The default size is 2 Megabytes which is peanuts.

Anyway, the summary is that you can't do this within Moodle itself. You can only do it if you have root access to your Moodle server, especially the php.ini file. I think there's a reason why this particular post by Vystavil had so many hits.
(1) He explained the solution very clearly and lucidly.
(2) This happens all the time, especially for new Moodle installations. Usually the user has to remind the Moodle administrator to change the php.ini settings.

Anyway, Vystavil's post is a blast from the past, and it is very informative. That's one way to tame Moodle.
Note: The post was referring to Moodle 1.9 and below.

Happy Muddling, I mean Moodling.
Frankie Kam

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