Sunday, November 18, 2012

WunderbarWall For Your Moodle 1.9 Site - First Look

Hi All

Here's my latest work on the WunderbarWall, erm, I mean, WonderWall for Moodle 1.9. Moodle 2.x users, please be patient. I haven't yet ported over the code. Latest version of the Wall is as shown below in these three images. Now with the Nicedit integration into the WonderWall, you can do straight copy and paste from websites and the multmedia updates can be posted directly onto the Wall.

Everyday, I'm shufflin' toggling!

I figured out to integrate Nicedit with Moodle and to toggle between Nicedit's rich editor and HTML's humble and under-rated Textarea.

Figure 1. Nicedit Rich Text editor integration.

Figure 1. Toggling  between the Nicedit Rich Text editor
and the normal standard HTML Textarea.

Figure 3. The Wall allows you to copy-and-paste media rich content from
other websites. Again, this is possible thanks to Nicedit. Not bad for
a rich text editor (2009) that is no longer in development!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to my Moodle production site for a live demo:
Username: studentscm
Password: studentscm

Grafitti Wall

Finally for today, I created a Grafitti Wall on my Moodle site. You can use the Nicedit editor to post creative updates to my Grafitti Wall. Please be gentle and be mindful to post only polite messages!

Username: studentscm
Password: studentscm

Figure 4. Check out the Grafitti Wall. 

Now that's what I call art!

Figure 5. The Rich Editor allows you to post colorful
messages onto the Wall. Go ahead, try your hand
at creative sentences and words.

Figure 6. The Wall also features special Gafitti Fonts
that you can use to spice up the Wall!

If you are interested to have a Wonder/WunderbarWall installed on your Moodle 1.9 / 2.x production site, just send me an E-mail. Code and installation charges apply.

Frankie Kam

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