Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wallify your Moodle 2.x Coursepage

The Wonderwall now works in Moodle 2.2!

Clicking on the Course Wall

It's written for Moodle 2.x.
More to come soon. Wait for it!

Demo site:
Username: student
Password: student

Username: me
Password: me
Username: Create your own
Password: Create your own

Live Wall


1. Embed a simple non-hyperlink text.
Hello World!

2. Embed a simple URL hyperlink
Note: for many of the embed input below, omitting the "http" part will transform the input into a hyperlink that when clicked, opens the link in a new browser tab.

3. Embed an image from a URL

4. Embed a Voicethread

5. Embed a slideshare presentation

6. Embed a Youtube video

7. Embed a Scribd document

8. Embed a Vimeo video

9. Embed a video - presentations at their best

10. Embed a TeacherTube video - education

11. Embed a Chatbotmaker interactive video URL

12. Embed a Chatbotmaker interactive MP3 session URL

13. Embed a manual checklist

14. Embed a program's source code (etc. C++ or Java) - maintains indentation and whitespace!

Is your favourite Web2.0 social media embed code missing? Let me know!

Moodle 1.9 code (zip file) for USD$49
Moodle 2.x code (zip file) for USD$49
Code comes with basic setup instructions.
After payment is made, the code will be sent to you within 48hours.
Installation fees add another USD$49.

Frankie Kam
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