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Edwiser Single Sign On (SSO) extension to access Moodle and WordPress

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This is the second post in a series of five posts featuring the Edwiser Bridge and its four extensions. To re-cap, these WordPress plugins allow you to integrate Moodle with WordPress. In today's post I will focus on the Edwiser Single Sign On Extension which is a commercial plugin.

Image 1. The SSO extension icon.

This extension is an integral component in an e-Commerce system that comprises of Moodle, WordPress and WooCommerce. It works in tandem with the other compnents to create synergy in your system.

Section I. Overview

Image 2. The Big Picture. Where 
the SSO extension fits in.

What is the Single Sign On?
Single sign-on (SSO) is a session and user authentication service that allows a user to use a set of login details - name and password - to access two or more applications, in this case, WordPress and Moodle.

The Single Sign On extension allows you to enter your login credentials once in Wordpress, and to be logged into both WordPress and Moodle at the same time. So with this Edwiser extension, you will be able to, from within WordPress, launch directly into a Moodle site without having to go through the Moodle login page. This extension, used in tandem with Edwiser Bridge and the other three extensions, produce operational synergy for your website.

How to sell your Moodle course with Edwiser, Moodle and WordPress

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Some time ago, I wanted to know how I could sell a Moodle course online with a local Malaysian payment gateway. After doing some research online, I discovered that I could do this by using the free Edwiser Bridge and its four commercial extensions (plugins) from Edwiser. Throw in a payment gateway like the iPay88 plugin for WooCommerce, and the world's your oyster.

What is Edwiser Bridge?
Edwiser Bridge is a plugin by Edwiser that integrates Moodle Learning Management System with WordPress. It allows you to import and sell Moodle courses using WordPress. Software requirements of the lugin: WordPress 4.0 or higher.  Compatible up to WordPress 4.5.3.

Today's post is the first in a series of five posts where I will illustrate how I used the Edwiser Bridge plugins and its extensions to create an E-Commerce WordPress website to sell Moodle courses.

Most of the information provided by me on the Edwiser Bridge installation can be obtained from Edwiser's website, specifically the company's Documentation Page. What is different in my blog are detailed screenshots of the installation and test process, and some explanation in my own words.

Learning Outcome
At the end of this post, you will know how to import and synchronise your Moodle courses with WordPress by using the free Edwiser Bridge plugin.

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