Saturday, April 13, 2013

"Persuasive Learning Objects and Technologies" and Moodle

In short, a persuasive learning object is a SCORM-compliant learning object that encourages and motivates the learner during the learning process. It is adaptive to a user's responses and in my own words, nudges the learner along the path of achieving the learning outcomes of the LO (Learning Object).
Europlot is one of the organisations helming this European collaborative effort. And guess what, PLOTs can be embedded inside a Moodle course.

One of their projects involves teaching Hebrew and Greek Bible texts.

Has anyone heard of this?

Some useful links:

(Moodle login with Guest access)

(PlotLearner viewer download links)

(PlotLearner video tutorial download link)

(Europlot's blog page)

Progress Report

Papers and Publications
The consortium members will publish academic papers about their work in EuroPLOT and will disseminate results through the academic channels of conferences and journals. Several such papers have already been published:
N.Winther-Nielsen (2011). The Parker Excavations and the PLOT story. Presentation at the Ecole Biblique in Jerusalem. 13.April 2011.

E.Herber (2011). Persuasive Learning Design. Wissengemeinschaften Fachtagung (DelFI) 2011, Dresden, 7.Sept. 2011. Poster.

S.B.Gram-Hansen, H.Schaerfe, J.Dinesen (2011). Towards a Context Oriented Approach to Ethical Evaluation of Interactive Technologies. Interact 2011. Paper and Poster.

E.Guest, S.Golonka (2011). ULM Revisited: A semantic framework that incorporates syntax and informatino theory. Societas Linguistica Europeana (SLE 2011), Longrono, Spain. Presentation.

T.Boyle, N.Winther-Nielsen, C.Tøndering, N.Bergman, J.Metsämuuronen, H.Yliopisto, D.Lundsgaard Skovenborg (2011). Persuasive Learning for the Hebrew Bible. Society of Biblical
Literature (SBL) International Meeting, London, 6.July 2011.

N.Winther-Nielsen (2011). Computer-assisted language learning from the Hebrew Bible. SBL Annual Meeting, San Francisco.

N.Winther-Nielsen (2012). Databases for research, training and teaching. Lorentz Colloquium on Biblical Scholarship and Humanities Computing. 12.Feb. 2012

The EuroPLOT consortium members are using the opportunity to present the approach in EuroPLOT to a wider community. For example, the poster presentation of EuroPLOT at the


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