Friday, April 20, 2012

A Moodle Sensation! Real-Time Drag and Share Collaboration Tool by Felix Albertos Marco

A new Collaboration Tool named Drag-And-share.
It's revolutionary and ground-breaking to say the least!

1. Drag a file (text file, PDF, Ms word, etc.) from your desktop to the workspace
2. Drag a file icon from the workspace to the magnifying glass to view the file's contents
3. In some cases (e.g., a Ms word file), Action #2 results in the file being downloaded!
4. Double click on the workspace to create a new text file. Enter its title, text and save it.
5. To view the text file, drag the text file to the Magnifying glass icon.
6. Oh by the way, when two or more users are online at the same time, you will see the other user's mouse point move in real-time. They will see your mouse pointer move as well! 
So this is a Collaboration Tool - prototype version. The later version is touted to be more powerful and more robust! For more information, go to this forum on or to
Watch this video. 

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