Monday, August 1, 2011

Using the Presentation Mode in OKMindMap

Last month I featured OKMindMap on Within a month, I had over 430 pageviews of my blog post and Dr. Won's OKMindMap site experienced an influx hits. In today's post, I touch on another one of OKMindMap's features - the Advanced Presentation. Did you know that OKMindMap has this feature that allows nodes to be displayed as a slide? At the end of this post, you will know how to setup you OKMindMap to function like a PowerPoint presentation. So let's get started shall we?

The feature has two options,
"Edit Window enabled"
"Presentation enabled"

Here's how to set up the presentation.

Step1: sign in.
Figure 1. The sign in dialogue box.

Step2: open an existing mind map.

Figure 2. Open a previously-saved OKMM.

Step3: select your mind map.

Figure 3. What's your flavah?

Step4: enable the edit window

Figure 4. Let's begin editing the order of the nodes to be shown in the presentation.

Step5: setup the node order list

Figure 5. Click on a list item to delete

 Figure 6.Click on a node to add to the list.

The original order of presentation is decided by enabling the Edit Window. You can change it by entering edit mode, and delete and add node by clicking the node on the edit window. To add nodes to the list, just click on a node in the mind map. It's that simple!

Step6: select Presentation enabled

Figure 7. Now's it's Showtime!

Step7: run the presentation

Figure 8. The first node appears.

In the Presentation mode, if you press Ctrl-right-arrow, the next node in the list will come into focus.Ctrl-Left-Arrow key reverses the focus order. Just for fun, you can see a node rotating by pressing Ctrl-up-arrow. Some kind of special effects.

Figure 9. More nodes appear as you move from node to node as per the list sequence.

At the moment a node transitions to another node in a magnified animated way which I felt was a bit dizzying for me. Maybe it was just me because I was in a funfair yesterday with my family where we sat on a swinging boat. Or maybe not.

If the developers could add some transition effects, including a no transition/animation effect, that would be great.

Step8: lastly, don't forget to save your map.

Figure 10. Oh yeah! Don't forget to save your Presentation data.

That's it! If you are among the many who have found OKMindMap useful in your work, college or university, do drop me a comment. I need some encouragement to know that all these hours spent on this blog are well worth it. At least for the Moodle community. ;-)

Frankie Kam
Melaka, Malaysia

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