Wednesday, October 5, 2011

An interesting way to navigate Moodle with hotspots

  Nicholas Walker of Coll├Ęge Montmorency has shared an interesting and instructive post on how to create a Moodle block that contains a image with hotspots that link to various parts of your Moodle course.

For those of you who would like a different approach for your users to navigate through your Moodle activities and resources, why not try it out? You can read about his method at

The ADTE (Association for Technology in Education) is a nonprofit body dedicated to free software, including Moodle, and information technology and communication applied to all levels of education, mainly in Quebec, Canada. The ADTE is self-financed by membership fees and donations. If you can read French, you’re in a for a treat. If not, there’s always Google Translate. Not that it’s the best sustitute for actually knowing French. L’avenir c’est Moodle (The future is Moodle)!

Frankie Kam

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