Saturday, October 1, 2011

TimeStat: track student presence in your Moodle by the second

Here's something from the archives of that I had to post on

Figure 1: A really cool block.
Be prepared to edit the weblib.php file though.

TimeStats is an indispensible module "...that tallies and reports total seconds and minutes that students have been in a course. It’s great for tracking overall usage and gives a little better information than just click tallies and page views"

Figure 2: See how versatile the TimeStats plugin is?

Joseph explains it very well on MoodleNews. Here's what his post looks like. I'm using Bitty Browser to display the below content. Looks cool right?

If you implement this block on your Moodle 1.9x site, you will have the power to monitor your students' usage. You can even drill down to time spent on individual activity by users! That this is really something, don't you agree?

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