Sunday, February 3, 2013

My first smartphone - a Chinese Samsung S3-clone named Haipai.

bought this baby on January 23rd 2013 from Tommstar & U Sdn Bhd. The shop is located at Econsave in Angkasa Nuri Melaka. Lot 45, Jalan Angkasa Nuri, Taman Angkasa Nuri, 75350 Batu Berendam, Melaka. Person in charge is Kevin. 06-334 3688.

China branded Haipai I9377 Model

Specifications. 4.7" FWVGA screen, Dual-core 1Ghz, 8.0MP camera auto focus, dual cameras, 220 mAh battery, dual-SIM, smartphone, running on Android Jellybean version 4.1.1. The salesperson, Kevin, threw in a 8Gb SD-Card free of charge, plus a screenguard layer and a PVC cover. See here for more information.

The Haipai I9377 out of the box.

It costs me less than half of what a real Samsung S3 would cost. RM659 (January 2013 salesprice). Just nice for my budget. I tried looking for a similar model in Digital Mall Section 14, Petaling Jaya, but failed. I needed a dual-SIM smartphone so that I could insert my Celcom postpaid Broadband card. I also spent some time testing the phone at Kevin's shop, and Kevin obliged me every step of the way. Talk about a customer-centric shop owner. I doubt if I could have gotten the same kind of pre-sales service anywhere else.

I had the choice of a slightly cheaper model (RM599) that was wider, larger and heavier, but in the end,
I chose the I9377 due to its size which fit quite well in my pants side pocket. It weighs 154grams, which didn't bother me even after holding it in one hand for lengths of time. The dimensions are 136 x 70 x 10 mm. Note that in contrast, the Samsung S3 weighs in at 133 grams (lighter!) and is 137 x 70 x 8.6 mm.(thinner) in comparison.

Granted, the screen's not as crisp, bright and clear as a Samsung S3, but it's fit-for-purpose for me and my life.

One happy customer ...

...and two happy and helpful salespersons...

...and one happy daughter.

Other than subway surfing or playing Real Soccer 2013, the smartphone will come in handy when checking E-mails in malls, on the go, and for Moodling on the fly. Welcome to the mobile computing-era of 2013.

Frankie Kam

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  1. My last phone was a Nokia 3315. It could last 3 to 4 days without recharging...

  2. thanks for share..


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