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Help for the Moodle newbie or beginner to get started on's MOOC

Is this you?
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So's Massive Open Online Course on "Teaching With Moodle" is now open for registrations. Come 1st September 2013, the course will start. It's designed for the absolute Moodle rookie. As a beginner to Moodle, how do you start? Where do you begin?

I want to do more than just point my colleagues to the MOOC link. I want them to be guided with baby steps on what to do after clicking on This tutorial is the outcome. Are your new to Moodle? Do you view Moodle as a "Mammoth" with a slight trepidation? Are you nervous or apprehensive at the mention of Moodle? And what's that MOOC thing? Smooch? Mocha? In an online course you do not have a guide or a coach physically by your side. Outwardly, do you tell your colleague, "oh yeah, I should try the MOOC and learn Moodle", but inwardly 'dread' what lies beyond the MOOC's homepage links?
Do you fear what to do next after clicking on the


If this is YOU, then I say "FEAR NOT!".

This tutorial is meant for you and all other Moodle beginners and newbies. And technophobes. And chalk-and-talk diehards who are just getting to grips (and gripes) with Moodle 2.5 learning Management System and its earlier incarnations like Moodle 1.9.

Learning Outcomes
At the end of this post, you will be able to
1. Create an account on
2. Create a Discussion Topic
3. Reply to a Discussion Topic
4. Change your Account image (avatar)
5. continue on enjoying the rest of the MOOC, basking in the confidence of having slain a "Mammoth" with 26 easy-peasy baby steps.

If you find or have found the below tutorial to be useful in getting you started in the MOOC, please share this post with any of your colleagues or friends who are new to Moodle who want to be part of this MOOC.

Feel free to download and share either the PDF file or the Ms Word file tutorial. Or both! You can modify it to suit your organisation, but please credit me as the original author!

26 Baby Steps - MOOC Moodle by Frankie Kam

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.
Have a nice time learning on the MOOC!

Frankie Kam

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