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Edwiser Selective Synchronization extension to selectively synchronize Moodle courses with WordPress

Checklist by Jurgen Appelo.
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Welcome the my third post in a series of five posts featuring the Edwiser Bridge and its four extensions. Today I will focus on the Edwiser Selective Synchronization Extension, which is a commercial plugin.
Image 1. SS extension icon.

This plugin works in tandem with the other extensions to achieve a Moodle-WordPress synergy.

Section I. Overview

Image 2. The Big Picture. Where
the Selective Course Synchronizatin extension fits in.

Why is this plugin useful? Imagine a Moodle site with hundreds of courses. With the Edwiser Bridge alone, you would import ALL courses into WordPress. That could be a lot of courses being synchronised, leaving you with no choice but to let the Bridge do everything for you.  You might then end up having to delete the WordPress courses which you don't need. Wouldn't it be far more convenient to be able to choose the courses to be synchronised? You can with this plugin by Edwiser.

Section II. Walkthrough
Step 1. Install and activate the Selective Synchronization extension.

Image 3. Activating the plugin.

Step 2. Go to Edwiser Bridge  | Settings | Licenses tab.

Image 4. Licensing.

Step 3. Copy and paste the key from your receipt E-mail and click the "Activate License" button.

Image 5. Adding the license key.

Note: a license key is valid for only one site. To reuse a license key, you will have deactivate the key first. If you fail to do this, the WordPress will raise an "Invalid Key" flag.

Image 6. Result of an invalid license key.

Step 4. Assuming the key is valid, ...

Image 7. Result of an valid license key.

... go to Edwiser Bridge  | Settings | Synchronization tab.

Image 8. The Synchronization tab.

You will notice that there is a "Selective Courses" option. Click it.

Image 9. The Selective Courses link.

Step 5. Check one or more courses that you want to synchronise between Moodle and WordPress.
Step 6. Click the "Start Synchronization" button.

Image 10. Tick and untick the boxes to selectively choose the courses to import/synchronise

Note: if you want to update the course data on synchronization, just check-click the "Update previously synchronized courses" checkbox.

Addition information
On the right of the Selective course screen, there are two filter options. See below. If there are many courses listed, you can use the Search box to filter for the courses that you want.

Image 11. Two filter options.

You can also use the the Category drop-down box to display just the courses of a particular category.

The Edwiser Selective Synchronization Extension is a very simple plugin to operate. It is a handy plugin for Admins and is easy to use.

For further information about this extension, click here.

Frankie Kam

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