Saturday, September 24, 2011

Editing a forum post after the 30 minutes deadline

Today I finally discovered how to modify the maximum allowed time to edit a forum post in Moodle.

I was conducting my Intensive English computer lab class a few days ago. In that class I introduced the class to the joys of forum posting. As the students were posting their replies to my "Introduce Yourself" discussion, I began correcting their grammar by using the Marginalia feature. It soon became apparent that many of the students, upon reading my highlighted corrections, immediately set about editing their posts. Some had already exceeded the maximum of 30 minutes time allowed by the Moodle system to edit their posts. That is the standard in Moodle.

After the class, I began thinking "how can I change that 30-minute limitation?". They are pros and cons to doing such a thing. For what it is worth, below is the solution. Again, thanks to the archives of (26th October 2007!). From, Dr. Aaron Milavec tells us how. In his own verbatim words:

I discovered a simple solution: extend the time of editing. Do the following:

1. Open moodle/administration/settings/security.html in suitable editor.
     I used Dreamweaver 4.0.

2. Revise last line of the array as follows:

    get_string('configmaxeditingtime','admin'), 2700,
    array(60 => get_string('numminutes', '', 1),
    300 => get_string('numminutes', '', 5),
    900 => get_string('numminutes', '', 15),
    1800 => get_string('numminutes', '', 30),
    2700 => get_string('numminutes', '', 45),
    7257600 => get_string('numminutes', '', 120960))));

    Note: I chose 7257600 seconds (=120960 minutes) because this equals 12 weeks.
    Any suitable time period can be chosen.

3. Save and PUT security.html into moodle files using a ftp transfer.

4. Open up your Moodle sites and log on as "Administrator."
    Go to the Site Administration/Security/Site Policies.
    Find the "Maximum time to edit posts" and select "120960" within the drop-down
    selection box. Go to the bottom of the page and "Save Changes."

Having done this, participants can now edit their posts for 12 weeks. At the Catherine of Siena Virtual College, classes can run up to 10 weeks. The extra two weeks enables participants to edit/delete their material during the two weeks following the end of class. From that point onward, materials become the property of the College and can be used to promote the course for forthcoming participants/students...


So now I know, and so do you.

Frankie Kam

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