Sunday, October 23, 2011

Virtual Student for your Moodle site

Nicholas Walker, an ESL teacher at Montmorency College, has used Google Chrome + HTML5 + Google Speech Recognition + code embed into Moodle to create a Virtual Student. It is as part of a English Language Lab HTML activity that Nicholas and his colleague, Melvin Shantz, are currently testing.

What's really GREAT about the experimental Virtual Student is that it can be used by English language students to test their pronunciation skills.
With what Nicholas has created, students can speak into the microphone and Google's Automated Speech Recognition engine (using HTML5's x-webkit-speech) takes over and converts the spoken words into text. If the generated text matches the expected sentence, then the user is hyperlinked to the next video or screen part of the activity. The Virtual Student concept can also be extended into the adventure game genre. Absolutely riveting stuff! Go ahead, give it a try and find out more about Virtual Student by surfing here.

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