Thursday, November 17, 2011

My first presentation at an International Conference - and it's on Moodle, Maths and Science!

Moodle, Maths and Science. What a combination!

Me at the Fourth International Conference on Science and Mathematics Education (CoSMEd) 2011
(15 - 17 November 2011). Regional Centre For Education In Science & Mathematics, Penang.

My wife, Ju Lee. Moments before I was about to begin my presentation, she informed me that there was a piece of (fresh) tooth floss sticking out of my coat waist pocket. Saved in the nick of time!

I was away in Penang, Malaysia from 15th to 17th November 2011 for the 4th International Conference on Science and Mathematics in Education (CoSMEd).

My wife, Ju Lee, and I co-wrote a paper on the use of Moodle in Maths and Science.

That's me trying to look important during the conference.

 Ju Lee posing for the camera. After that I presented my magnum opus.
A 75-slide presentation on Moodle, Maths and Science in 25 minutes.
Insane, I know.

Here's the presentation available on

View more presentations from Frankie Kam
I did learn quite a bit about Moodle math plugins and it was very interesting presenting a talk for the very first time. The talk was scheduled on Friday 17th November at 12noon, but the 'crowd' only appeared at 12:13pm due to an earlier 11am plenary session held at the same venue. 20 minutes to talk with 5 minutes Q&A and an additional 5 minutes for the attendees to scurry to the next venue's parallel session was the order of the day. Presenting 75 slides within that time-frame was insane, but nevertheless I took it in my stride and gave it my best shot.

My two girls, Leanne and Laura contributing to the conference by playing Barbie girl games in the ICT Lab to while the time away.

Not exactly a Moodle Moot, but it was great because I had to do my homework beforehand and learnt up about Moodle maths plugins.

After the conference, my family and I decided to walk-tour around Georgetown to kill some time. We visited the State Museum and the made it back to my uncle's apartment in time for some much-needed rest and dinner.

My family enjoying themselves after the conference, touring the sights of Georgetown, Penang.

Until the next post, here's to all that Moodle can offer us!

Frankie Kam

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