Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nadav's HTMLAREA Toolbar Extentions

I just spent the larger part of my weekend extending my Moodle 1.9.14's HTMLArea Toolbar. Many thanks to the prolific and brilliant Nadav Kavalerchik. See the plugin page.

Hadav's work is amazing!. He has increased the pedagogical value of Moodle right from the Editor itself.

For me the most useful plugins that has has added to the Moodle editor functionality are:
1. Drag and Drop image adder (a must-have for any Moodle site! Previously only the admin or teacher could add images to the editor. Students could only insert images by giving the URL)
2. Insert PDF (no more having to figure out the HTML embed codes)

3. VideoRecorder (FANTASTIC. Thanks for Kevin Brake (and Vimas Technology)!)

4. Insert Flash object - nice.
5. Expand Editor area - brilliant.
6. Insert Embed code of Web 2.0 sites (Youtube is missing since they won't allow you to do so)

7. DragMath (provided Tex is installed on the server!)

8. Paint
9. SVG designer

10.Dropbox (would be great if I had root access to my VPS!)
11.SoundRecorder - intriguing!

12. Wiris Formula and CAS (you'll need to install Wiris' filter for Moodle first! Go here.)

Some minor 'problems'
The "Insert Flash" icon should be "Insert image" instead (how do I correct this?)
How do I use the File Manager? It's a mystery to me. I only see part of my Moodle page and nothing else!??
Youtube doesn't allow it's site to tbe embedded right?

Installation Instructions
1. Download the latest updated zip file from here.
2. Apply the patch.
3. Unzip into "lib/editor/htmlarea/custom_plugins"
4. Copy "htmlarea_plugins.php" to "admin/settings"
5. As SysAdmin, start a browser and open "http://youmoodle/admin/settings.php?section=htmlareasettings"
6. Select the plugins you wish to enable and save the settings.
7. Open the HTMLAREA Editor (and checkout your new plugins!)

If you either don't have the time to do this on your demo or production site, OR don't know how to do it, please contact me. I will be willing to do it for you for a fee (USD100). Oh yeah, for that amount I'll throw in the Nanogong HTMLEditor embed as well!

Frankie Kam

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