Friday, January 20, 2012

The Human mod - the best Moodle mod of all

How many of us teachers and educators can teach effectively without the use of an LMS like Moodle, an LCD projector and a PowerPoint slide? Not many of us I would think. For one, a teacher needs to know his or her stuff. He (or she) should be able to hold an audience's attention with minimal technical help.

A great speaker

Simon Sinek in action in 2009 at TEDxPuget Sound.
Someone forgot to bring the laptop and the PowerPoint presentation.  

The great thing about the video of Simon Sinek talking at TED is that he uses a wired microphone, a marker pen and the good old flipchart. Nary a  multimedia slide in sight! We're talking about TED here. How can one be so animated when one's hand is holding the microphone? Watching Simon in action talking about how leaders inspire action, I never feel that he is talking to the flipchart, something that many of us are guilty of. His body language, eye-contact with the audience, excellent pronunciationa dn enouciation is what makes watching this video a great educational activity.

As teachers, we need to get back to the basics. We need to know our stuff and to deliver what we know with conviction and passion. We need to teach with basic tools without all the sexy gizmos and gadgets. There's nothing like listening to an eloquent speaker teach whilst bringing out the beauty of the English language. English, fluently delivered is a beautiful language, something to be listened with awe and wonder of its nuances and intricacies of meaning.

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