Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Motivating students through multistamps in the Stamp Collection module (Moodle 1.9.15)

Hi! If you're using David Mudrak's excellent Stamp Collection module, then WELCOME! I'm happy to share with the Moodle world that I've managed to implement a multi-stamp deriviation of David's work. I found out how to do it without disturbing the underlying architecture of module's MySQL database. Now you can implement it for your own Moodle site.

Here's what the module looks like:

Here's what a portion of the edit stamps screen looks like:

Moodle 1.9.15 Installation instructions

1. You must already have the stampcoll module installed on your Moodle site.

2. Make a backup copy of your server's stampcoll entire folder. You can name the backup folder as

3. Download the modded files from here.

4. Extract the files lib.php, editstamps.php, viewblock.php, view.php, from the zipped file, into your server's
    stampcoll folder.Caution! This will overwrite the original files, so make 110% sure that you have backed up your server's stampcol folder!!!

5. Copy the images folder into your server's stampcoll folder.

6. That's all the installation work you need to do.

7. Now for the usage. Inside the Add/Update edit box, type in the following data format:
    <A single character>:<optional space><sentence text to appear on mouseover>

    For example:

    means that the student gets a Punctuality icon stamp!

    Here are the available codes:

   1text = The student wins a 1st prize medal icon. 

   2text = The student wins a 2nd prize medal icon. 

   3text = The student wins a 3rd prize medal icon. 

   gtext = The student wins a Gold medal icon. 

   stext = The student wins a Silver medal icon. 

   b: text = The student wins a Bronze medal icon.

   c: text = The student wins a Computer Monitor stamp.
                 This mean that the student student is very helpful in the computer lab.

   f: text = The student wins a Forum stamp.
                 This mean that the student has shared a discussion topic post for the benefit of all.

   j: text = The student wins a Smiling stamp.
                 This mean that the student has shared a good joke for the benefit of all.

   l: text = The student wins a Logbook stamp.
                 This mean that the student's logbook is well maintained

   m: text =  The student wins a Moodle logo stamp.
                   This mean that the student is helpful to others on the Moodle site

   p: text =  The student wins a clock stamp.
                   This means that the student is punctual for class

   q: text =  The student wins a raised hand stamp.
                   This means that the student asks meaningful questions in class.

   t: text =  The student wins a thumbs-up stamp.
               This means that the student has done something praiseworthy.

 =  The student wins the default Gold Star stamp.
            This means that the student has done something worthy of a Gold Star default icon.

What other stamp icons do you think are worth having in the system?

As for the My Stamps block, this is what it looks like, after applying the modded files:

Note that the HTML block on the right, entitled "my stamps", has this HTML code:

 <iframe width="98%" height="80" frameborder="0" src="../../mod/stampcoll/viewblock.php?view=own&id=2021"></iframe>

Important! See that id of 2021 in red text?  Well, don't just copy that id value blindly! You have to refer to my earlier post on the Stamp Collection block here . That link will tell you what that id value is and how to get the correct value to put inside the HTML embed code below.

I would like to repeat: do NOT blindly copy that id value of 2021 shown above. You get the value from the "Own stamps" link tab of your Stamp Collection activity. With the "View stamps" tab selected, just hover your mouse pointer over the "Own stamps" tab link. The URL should pop up at the status bar location of your web browser. There's that id value that you want! See the image below.

Well, this clears up the mystery of the id value. Hope this is clear to all.

So....that's it! I hope you classes aren't too big, otherwise you will be spending quite a fair bit of your online time, awarding stamps. My opinion: Wouldn't it be nice if this module could allow mass-assigning of stamps to the entire class of students at once...!? This would save a whole lotta time and effort.

In the meantime, have fun handing out those stamps!
Frankie Kam
I've managed to implement 3-character codes for the stamp icons. Click here for Stamp Collection module development.

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