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Stamp Collection module development for Moodle 1.9 and stamp icons from other Moodlers

This post is to chroncle developments to the changes I have made to David Mudrak's Stamp Collection module. This post complements these earlier ones here and here.

10/2/2012 - Added a help screen to make looking-up of Stamp icon codes easier

I've raised the bar one notch higher.
This time, the administrator can click on a help link and a
separate window will appear showing him/her the codes, the icons used and the meaning of the codes.

Students can also access the help link. This makes administering the multi-stamp collection easier for the (overworked) administrator/teacher.

Figure 1: The student can click on the Help link to know the meaning of each stamp icon.

Figure 2: This is what the help screen looks like. 
For each stamp, the code (X:) and the icon and the meaning is listen.

Figure 3: The help link is also available to the teacher/administrator.

I'm trying my darnest to work on an automatic add for all stamp feature which is sorely needed. Otherwise we poor souls have to add stamps for students one by one! Wish me all the best with that one because it's very tough to do. I hope David Mudrak replies to my email cry for help on that one! ;-)

12/2/2012 - Added 3-character codes for the Stamp icons

Here's the latest version as for now.
Still no auto add stamp feature (too tough!).

However, this version allows you to allows you to enter a single character code
              g: You scored the highest in the quiz!
    you can enter a 3-character code
              gld: You scored the highest in the quiz!

So that's gld: for a "gold medal" icon or just plain g: for the same "gold medal" icon.

Or you could decide to use gld: for a "gold medal" icon, and just plain g: for anther icon, for example a "Great work!" icon.

So NOW, with up to 3-character support to represent stamp icons, you should have plenty of codes to work with no matter how many your students request for!

Figure 4: The help screen now shows 1 and  3-character codes. 
To add or modify codes, edit the lib.php and stampicons.php

Download latest changes:
Click here to download the latest changes.

Backup your existing stampcoll folder, then extract the
php and image files from the attached zipped file and overwrite the original php files and image folder.
Note: the zipped file does not contain the db and lang folders. You can get the db and lang folders from the original stamp collection module on

If you intend to use your own images, you will have to store your image files inside the images folder. You also have to edit the lib.php and stampicons.php files.

Enjoy customising the image files and lib.php!

14/2/2012 - Discovered bug in line 183 code of editstamps.php

Bug kicks in only when you activate groups.

Yes, line 183 definitely has a bug where an 'l' i is missing:
I don't understand the concept of groups (never used them before) and so never encountered that one during my development/modification process.

Line 183 should be:
groups_print_activity_menu($cm, $CFG->wwwroot.'/mod/stampcoll/editstamps.php?page='.$page.'&id='.$cm->id);

Thanks to Lisa Stevens for pointing this one out to me!

15/2/2012 - Stamp Collection Module Moodlers' multistamps

Here are some multistamp usage from around the world, shared with me by other creative Moodlers.

Ralf Brauckhoff's icons and usage
Ralf is from Germany and he runs a drums course. Here are the icons he uses on his course:

The meaning of his icons:

The 1. Icon is for beginners, who can play the exercises with my help.
The 2. Icon is for amateurs, who can play the exercises without my help a little bit faster.
The 3. Icon is for profis, who can play the exercises really fast.
The 4. Icon is for improvisation.
The 5. Icon is for good listening.
The 6. Icon is for technique.
The 7. Icon is for the master, who achieved all other Stamps.
The 8. Icon is for written homework.

Lisa Steven's icons and usage
Lisa is a Moodle administrator for an institute and uses the multistamps to award graduation stamps for 6 and 7-year olds. The icons shown below are used by her to award students at various stages of their 8(!) years of schooling.

Here's what Lisa's Stamp Award page looks like:

And lastly, Lisa's definition of each Stamp. Very interesting indeed!

Fascinating stuff!

A BIG THANK YOU to Ralf and Lisa who have shared how they are using David Mudrak's Stamp Collection module and the multistamp feature to good effect. Thanks of course to David for making all this possible in the first place!

15/3/2012 - Added a padlock (stamp pending) icon

Purpose: to award a stamp but to withhold the actual stamp icon until the student has changed his or her Moodle user login icon (avatar) to his or her face image. Student then does the desired action to unlock the image.

If you would like to have Stamp Collection Module installed on your Moodle site, please contact me for a quotation. You can do so by clicking the big Orange pointy logo on the top-right corner of this blog.

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  1. Are you using the Multistamp feature on your own Moodle site? Benefited from the Stamp Collection (SC) modifications? Why not share what you have done with the SC by E-mailing me ( a screenshot of your SC usage? That would motivate me and many others I am sure!


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