Monday, August 6, 2012

Have tablet will travel - doing Moodle work with my new-fangled 7-inch tablet

Last Friday I went for a Degree level programme moderation meeting.

For the first time, I made a decision to leave my trusty (and urgh...heavy) Year 2001 Compaq Presario 2800 Laptop at home.

In its place, I brought my 7 inch Travis S2D A10 Tablet PC. I bought it online from Groupon for at 57% the list price of RM600. So it cost me RM359. For the technical geeky spec, go here.

I also brought along with a whole slew of gadgets, wires and geeky devices that allowed me to surf the Net, type notes, access Ms Excel and finish the moderation work.

Here are six pics of the equipment that I brought with me to the Moderation Meeting on that day.

Now there's my new workstation! 
Don't laugh. There's method in me madness, I'm telling you.

Let's zoom in for a close look.
Hey, that looks like

The whole Tablet crew. Or is it?
Wait, hang on... what's missing?

Ah that's better! I added in my 
Logitech trackball for mouse icon control 
and my headset for voice output. Time to Rock-and-Roll!

The whole support hardware crew of my  consists of:
  1. Old-fashioned book stand (made of metal!) to keep my Tablet upright. Don't ask why.
  2. USB hub (that's what makes this rat's nest possible!)
  3. USB Keyboard (yeah, typing away at 40 words per minute, baby!)
  4. USB Logitech Trackball (love that moving mouse icon on the tablet)
  5. USB Huawei Modem with 3G SIM Card (Internet connectivity when there's no WiFi)
  6. China-made LOCA battery pack (to sustain my tablet beyond the paltry 3+ hours it lasts me when surfing the Net)
  7. Headset to listen to audio output in comfort.
Here are the ports of my Tablet:


Finally, the must-have, indespensible software that I used to do all this Moodlely stuff.
See the icons of the software below:

Google Android 4.0
Ice-cream Sandwich
AndFTP (for FTP 
 my Moodle server)
Root Browser
with multi-file-select
Jota Text Editor 
Office Pro Trial
(to create and edit 
Ms Excel spread-

I managed to work on Ms Excel and save my work to Gmail and to my trusty USB Flashdrive.
So now you know how Moodle on the Mobile with a tablet. Absolutely riveting stuff!
That's all from DurianMan.
In the meantime, Happy Moodling!
Frankie Kam

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