Monday, August 6, 2012

Pipes of Peace for your website or blog - SpeakPipe-enable it today to enjoy voice recording feedback from surfers!

My blog is now SpeakPipe enabled!

For Moodle we are now spoilt for choice when it comes to voice recordings. We have Nanogong, Flash AudioRecorder, MP3 Quickie and now, PipeSpeak, the newest kid on the block.

Thanks to this excellent post on SpeakPipe by Dorian Love, my blog can now receive voice recordings from anyone! To find out how you can use this clever piece of technology, read on!

Making a recording is real easy-peasy. Just click on that hard-to-miss icon that juts out from the right edge of your website. The recording window appears and you just speak into your microphone.

Shh..recording in session. Silence on the set! And.....cut! That's a wrap. Sound technician, take over from here.

Here's what my account page looks like after receiving a voice message from a certain S. Klaus who probably lives somewhere near the Artic Circle. Brr.

Not bad, not bad at all if I say so myself.

In fact, I even managed to SpeakPipe my Moodle productions site, It's real easy. Register a SpeakPipe account. Then get the embed code and  insert the code inside the header.html file of your Moodle theme! That's it.

Now is that icon a boon to students and me, or a major distraction to students' as they work on Moodle? What do you think?

Perhaps you could SpeakPipe your response to me! Let's smoke the Pipes Of Peace together and SpeakPipe to each other using this tantalising innovative method of doing and sharing voice recordings/

Frankie Kam

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