Sunday, July 28, 2013

Making the Moodle User Interface Look Good

Cartoon by: Hugh McCloud

This post is dedicated to great resources on the Net on how to make your Moodle site look good.
I start off with an excellent post by Smarter Made Designs. Below is a PDF iframe embed of their article entitled  "Make Moodle Look Good using HTML- Quick Guide PDF".

How challenging is it to transform your Moodle's page content into some that engages the student and rekindles interest in learning? Very.

Frankie Kam

P.S. other great links on the topic of Moodle user interface and usability are:

What’s new in Moodle 2.4?

Could the Moodle User Interface do with a facelift?

Master's thesis about Moodle and open source usability work

Improving the usability of Moodle

Cast your Eyes on Moodle: An Eye Tracking Study investigating learning with Moodle

Designing Aesthetically Pleasing Moodle Courses

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