Saturday, July 27, 2013

Moodle? Frog? Others? A comparison of VLEs.

A very instructive read on choosing a VLE. Check out the table listing the pros and cons of each VLE researched by Andy Kemp. This is actually a 2009 post. You can read the html version here.

Here's nother good discussion on whether to use Moodle or another VLE. See window below.

Other Good online articles on VLE comparisons and choices:

To VLE Or Not To VLE

Carleton University's LMS Survey 2011

Does Moodle + Mahara = Frog?

Learning Platform Comparison Table

Implementing New Technological Tools in Schools

This much I (don’t) know about…the future of ICT in schools

History Teachers' Discussion Forum

There are alternatives to Blackboard and Moodle: Instructure Canvas goes open source

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