Saturday, July 27, 2013

PhpChess and Moodle

Mikhail Tal (November 9, 1936 – June 28, 1992)
Can Moodle be used to teach chess principles online? I believe it can. If you have or are thinking about setting up a Moodle page on chess, I recommend you take a look at PhpChess. This software allows you to create a Chess Management System, complete with an A.I. chess player for games. 
I recently took the challenge to install 
phpchess version 4.1 on my web server. 

Installation is quite straightforward. You can see it in action here:
Username: frankiePassword: chessENJOY! tongueoutYou can even play against the resident AI Opponent.
And why stop at chess? Why not have other games like checkers or go or chinese chess or backgammon where students can play online?

Just wishing that I could integrate phpchess with Moodle ala LTI-style. That way students who are online could also play chess with each other...after all, chess is educational, right?
Installation Steps
Step 1: Got to
Step 2: Click on the Download section
Step 4: Extract the downloaded file named phpchess41.rar into a local folder
Step 5: Change the folder name to 'chess'.
Step 6: FTP the chess folder to your webserver
Step 7: Extract the zipped file phpChess 411 Update and FTP the contents to overwrite the folders and files of phpChess 4.1 alpha test core files in your webserver.
Step 8: Use MySQL Database Wizard (in CPanel) to create a MySQL database and an admin user (all provileges)
Step 9: Install phpChess by going to:
Step 10: Enter the necessary data (see example below)

Step 11: Click the 'Install Command Center".
The installer will create this account automatically
Password: 20091111
Step 13a: Login using
Password: 20091111
Step 13b: Login as Admin by surfing to Admin Dashboard at
You can use this Video Tutorial as a guide:
Hope this helps,
Frankie Kam

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