Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cool Video Quiz: Mashup of Xerte and Moodle quiz

This mashup was originally posted by Joseph Thibault in on 22 February 2011. As reported by Joseph, it displays "additional quiz information and content in tandem to a Moodle page".  It uses the Open Source e-Learning tool named Xerte. The mashup allows your students to view a video on the same page as the quiz questions that test their understanding of the subject matter taught in the video.

More links related to this quiz format "novelty":
1. forum discussing the mashup.
2. Youtube video demonstrating the mashup.

3. Mashup code can be downloaded from here.
4. Real working demo.

    You can login as:
    username: student
    password: student

You are most welcome to get the code from me. Here you go.


You can either upload the folder to your Web Server like what I did here:
Run the file from your local offline PC just to see it in action.

To run it in offline, extract the zip file to your desktop, or any part of your hard drive.

Double-click on the file named "ThisWorksGreat.html".

On your local PC, the Youtube video won't play.
You have to right-click on the Youtube video screen, then choose "Global Settings".
Next once the Browser window opens, look to the left menu. You will see the "Global Security Setting Panel' option. Click on it.

Once the Panel opens up on the right, click on the drop-down box and choose "add locations". Choose the folder where you extracted my Xerte files.

That's it. The Youtube video should play from your local PC.
See attached the gif files!

If you uploaded the whole folder to your Server, you should be able to play it no problems. Hope you find this mashup useful. If you actually use it for your Moodle course, do let me know how it worked out for your class. ;-)

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