Sunday, September 11, 2011

MP3 Quickie Version 1.6 now allows you to download your saved MP3 files from the server to your client computer!

Hi there. I've just finished Version 1.6 of MP3 Quickie.

Now the recorder allows you to download your MP3 file directly off a selection drop-down box. In this version, only single downloads are allowed. So if you have 10 MP3 recordings on the server, you'll have to select each one in turn and download each one by one. Still, this is a vast improvement over Version 1.5.

Here's a screenshot:

You can download Version 1,6 from here:

When you see the red-zipper image link,

right click on it and you should be able to right-click on it and save it as

To demo the MP3 Quickie Version 1.6, head over to:
Username: student
Password: moodle

I have lost lots of sleep over this one, but it was well worth it! This version represented a great programming challenge. How to do an MP3 download from a HTML checklist. Many hours were spent Googling and testing the code. I've done it. It's a programming milestone for me. But really, I did this work so that others could use it. Not just me or my students.

Please let me know if you find this MP3 recorder USEFUL for your classes or institution. I hope that you enjoy using it for your English classes and other communications and/or language classes. Do drop me a comment or two so that I will know that my hard work has benefited someone across the ocean.
Many thanks to Vimas Technology for a great applet. If the 20-second recording limitation is too short for you, you can always get a full unlimited length recording version from their website. Lastly, I hope that Vimas Technology can create either a free version or a low-cost version for educators to use. That would be really, really great.
For more on the development of MP3 Quickie, click on this thread.
Frankie Kam
Melaka, Malaysia
For installation instructions, refer to my original post on MP3 Quickie here.

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