Friday, December 30, 2011

Audioboo - a cool Web 2.0 audio recorder to record and playback audio

Thanks to this post by the prolific Moodlefairy, Mary Cooch, I've learnt about Audioboo today. It's a cool Web 2.0 free recording service with a nice interface.

Screen 1: Audioboo's Homepage

After creating my free account here, I made a short recording. The free account limits your recording time to 3 minutes. However, you can upgrade to a paid plan for 30 minute recordings and more. You can see my embedded 'boo' below. Go ahead, click on the play button!

So what does this mean for Moodle?

Well an Audioboo is an alternative method of recording audio. You can playback the audio by pasting the embed code, in HTML mode, inside your Moodle editor.

Screen 3: Embed code

So there is no need to fret if your site administrator did not enable Nanogong4 or the Audio Recorder on your Moodle site. Just sign up for a free account at Audioboo and record away!

You can access my channel here at

Screen 4: My channel

If you want to hear some great Moodleboos by Moodlefairy and the staff of Our Lady’s High School, you will be able to access them from Monday 12th December on Audioboo here (Moodleboo!) or subscribe via RSS here.

Screen 5: OutLearning (Moodleboo) Channel

In conclusion, I find Audioboo very easy to use. It has a nice Web 2.0 interface, and is a welcome addition to the stable of existing audio recorders that you can scaffold in with Moodle. I encourage you to give Audioboo a try today, and follow Moodleboo's channel today for podcasts and views on Moodle.

Frankie Kam

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