Friday, March 23, 2012

Taking MP3 Quickie Version 2.00 Springbok to a whole new level

This post is to document my latest idea to improve the functionality of MP3 Quickie. My latest idea is to allow the creator of an MP3, to send an E-mail to another person. The E-mail address can either be typed in, or picked from a list of E-mails of course participants (provided each student has not disabled his or her E-mail address for privacy reasons). If the E-mail address is typed in, then the recipient can be anyone whom the sender knows. Here's a prototype image of what the Quickie can look like in the near future:

A pick list is displayed. It that allows the user to select the E-mail address from a list of course participants.
Here's what the pick list could look like:

The idea is that the "Send a voice message" feature will send an E-mail with a message that, for example,  contains the html code:
<a href=""></a>
Click to play voice

The recipient will sees this in his or her email:

When the voice file link is clicked upon, the recipient will be able to play the MP3 file.

What do you think of the idea?
What other creative ways can I extend the functionality of the Quickie?

Frankie Kam

Update: Monday 26th March 2012
Well it's been more than 48 hours since my post above. I am pleased and happy to announce that I have done it! I finally managed to add an E-mail feature to the MP3 Quickie Version 2.00 Interface.  To achieve this:

Google Chrome (GC)Mozilla FireFox (FF)

Identical to FF (see right),
except  for the
missing avatar icons.

See the avatar icons?
Works only FF,
but not in GC (see left)!

I had to solve at least TWO MAIN problems, specifically, the parts in bold-faced text.
1) how to get the list of participants for the current Moodle course
2) how to send an email to the selected user that contained the URL of the selected MP3 file

I also had to deal with exception cases. For example, the images below show what happens when a user clicks the "Send E-mail" icon prematurely.

Exception Case#1: User has not yet selected the recipient's E-mail. No E-mail is sent.

Exception Case#2: User has not selected the recipient's E-mail, but did not specify which MP3 URL to send via E-mail. So in this case too, no E-mail is sent.

So the user has to choose a Recipient AND an MP3 file from the MP3 selection list.

Now we are ready to send the E-mail!

The Quickie gives the user an alert box feedback that the E-mail has been sent.

Did you notice the HTML tags inside the message? That's to format the message so that it will appear nicely formatted in the recipient's inbox. In the example above, I have just sent an E-mail to the recipient,, which happens to be my second Gmail account. Here's how the message looks in my Gmail account:

Clicking on the hyperlink opens up a new window with the HTML5 MP3 player:

I'll be releasing the source code very soon. Wait for it.

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  1. Frankie,
    This is amazing! Here's an idea, embed the quickie in a Moodle assignment so that the teacher can send spoken feedback. The result would be a quickie writing conference. Better yet, combine it with the pdf markup you showed me and and you could write numbers on the assignment with mouse or stylus and discuss the annotations via quickie-email.
    Great stuff!


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