Thursday, January 5, 2012

What video inspires you?

Hi. Watched any inspiring videos lately? 

I trying to build a list of inspiring videos to share with my students. To watch them on my Moodle site, I really enjoy using Matt Bury's Media Player plugin to create a video playlist for my students to watch videos (of my choice). It's really versatile.

You can play the videos from my Moodle website here by using Guest access. 
The playlist is created from an XML file that I edit using Windows Notepad. Here's an example of a XML playlist file. And here's another one

ANYWAY, this semester, I'm thinking of showing inspiring videos to my students. I'd like to inspire them and motivate them, to get them to see things in a different perspective. Why? Because I believe in the power of dreams and that dreams do come true, that it can take one inspiring individual with a powerful message to change another individual's life.
Let me give you two examples. Both from
(1) Amy Purdy - Living beyond limits : I laughed and I cried when I watched this one. I see life's difficulties through a different perspective now.
(2) Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action : After watching this, I'm re-thinking my marketing approach when it comes to selling my College's programmes and educational services.
I really want to create a video playlist that will inspire the viewer. Do you know of any inspiring video on or that has inspired you?  
Frankie Kam

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