Monday, June 24, 2013

Fun with PoodLL and Moodle 2.5+ (Part 1) - recording audio and video

This post is about POODLL. Well sort of, because my post is obviously incomplete. I've copied inside this blog post, the contents of the POODLL filter settings of my Moodle 2.5 site. Why did I do this? Well it's simple. I finally managed to get POODLL working on my site, and I wanted to preserve the filter settings so that I can refer to them in future. You never know. When I get more time to blog about how I installed POODLL on my site, I will fill in more details.

Site administration | Plugins | Filters | Manage filters

Site administration | Plugins | Filters | PoodLL filter

Site administration | Plugins | Assignment plugins | Submision plugins | File Submissions
That's all folks.
Frankie Kam

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