Friday, September 16, 2011

MP3 Quickie Makeover - a skinnable Version 1.8

Here's what MP3 Quickie looks like now after a Graphical User Interface makeover.
Funkier, if you asked me. It comes in two flavours.

Flavor 1: with PHP File Uploader (commercial uploader with 30-day demo)

Figure 1: With PHP File Uploader.

Flavor 2: with In-A-Flash Uploader (free uploader)
Figure 2: With In-A-Flash Uploader.
The white-and-blue portion comes from a swf file.

Before the makeover, here's what the Quickie looked like:

Figure 3: The original look with the two variants of uploaders.
Compared to the new funky design, the original was a bland wire-frame design.

Do you like the new look? So what's new? Plenty!
  1. I removed the brick-house-look of the previous design which had borders all over the place;
  2. The boring white background is now gone. In its place is a background image can now be specified - so you can "skin" your MP3 Quickie. The background image shown above is sunrise.jpg.
  3. The button icons are now PNGs with invisible backgrounds - so they look like they're floating above the background image;
  4. The download link is now an icon instead of the gray button - it looks more consistent with the other buttons in terms of colour and size.
  5. The MP3 Quickie now has a character of its own and you can customise the look for your own site to match you Moodle site's theme and colours.
Hope you like the new look of the "makeovered" MP3 Quickie!
To get the files, see below.

Download MP3 Quickie 1.8 here!
Remember: when you see the link "Download",
right-click your mouse on it and "Save target as" or "Save link as".

For a Dropbox link to the same zip file, click here.

To set up the Quickie, here is the embed iframe code inside a HTML block:

Figure 4: The embed code inside a HTML block on my Moodle site.

So that's how you set it up on a block.

For more detailed installation instructions, refer to my original post on MP3 Quickie here.

For more on the development of MP3 Quickie, click on this thread.

Happy Moodling!
Frankie Kam

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  1. Hi Frankie,

    Looks great! I would like to write a short intro to the MP3 Quickie on with a link to Moodurian. I want the growing Moodle community here in Quebec to know about your work. Any objections?


  2. Thanks for the extra publicity. Do I have any objections? None at all.

  3. Great! I hope the ADTE crowd comes by in droves to see all your durian flavored innovations.

    You can see my little summary here:


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